Monday, January 09, 2012

Up a Crazy River

I really wanted to go kayaking this weekend. Wanted to try a new
location. Hemmed and hawed and today finally decided to try the Bogue
Chitto river at the state park. Got the boat loaded up (I'm getting
pretty good at that) and headed out. It's almost a 2 hour drive and I
was worried the rain might set in, but it held off. Checked in at the
gate. The girl actually laughed at me. I told her I was going to put
in and then turn around and head back -- make a loop, as it were. It's
what I usually do -- have done on other rivers. But apparently there's
a significant difference with this river -- it has a current. One of
the other rangers suggested I put in at the takeout so I could start
going upstream first and then essentially float back down if I got
tired. Sounded like a plan.

Had to drag the boat several hundred yards to put in. Not fun. And
they were not kidding about the current. But I got all my stuff and
started out, feeling strong. Did okay for the first quarter of a mile
or so. Then I hit a baby rapids. I paddled as hard as I could...and I
was just standing still. If I let up for a even a second, the current
pushed me backward. This was just not going to work. I enjoyed the
float back to the takeout :-)

So...lesson learned. Next time I need to either rent one of their boats
and and get a takeout, or take someone with me so we can take out down
river. Got it!

Oh, and birds? I had a great little flocks of warblers, Blue-birds, and
woodpeckers at one point, but my favorite bird of the day was the Winter
Wren that yawned at me. Yes, yawned. I saw him, played the Winter Wren
recording. He looked over at me and yawned. Allrighty then, so much
for that :-)

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