Sunday, January 08, 2012

An Eagle is born!

Checked the nest near Sherburne South Farm (off Ramah-Maringuoin exit from I-10, just east of the Atchafalaya basin) last week. What I saw surprised me! I was hoping to see downy eagle chick heads and unless I saw a chick that's almost as big as the parent already! I love this location because you can easily observe the nest from the road or while standing on the levee. Afternoon is really the best time because the light is coming from the west. Note to self: bring an extra tripod for the camera! This location is always windy and because of the extreme zoom and the distance, a handheld video leaves a lot to be desired. I hope no one gets seasick watching it! Some still photos from my Facebook album (with more to be added as I watch the nest over the next 6 weeks or so)

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Anonymous said...

How awesome!! Susan F.