Saturday, January 07, 2012

Rare bird + lifer = good bird day!

An oriole in winter in Baton Rouge is a good bird.  This bird was located just before the Christmas Bird Count in Baton Rouge and it has been determined to be a Scott's Oriole.  This is a bird normally found in the southwest US and Mexico, and there are very few records for Louisiana.  The homeowners have been very generous about sharing with all of us. 

I decided to try for the Scott's Oriole today.  They reported that it had been seen at 8am today and that it seemed to come with some regularity in the mid-afternoon so I decided to go about 2pm.  We were treated to a winter hummingbird spectacle while we waited on the Oriole - several Rufous and possible Black-chinned hummingbirds were snap, crackling, and popping all over the place. (This same home hosts a Broad-tailed Hummingbird -- another great bird for LA in the winter!)   Another friend  arrived to give the bird a try at about 3:45pm.  At 4pm I decided I'd best go, and told them to call me if that bird showed up as I was pulling out of the driveway.  I dawdled a bit talking to the homeowner and was not even out of the subdivision when they called to say they'd seen the bird!  I zipped back.  The bird was spied moving cautiously toward the hummingbird feeder at the back of the yard.  It eyed everything suspiciously but finally drank from the feeder for something over a minute before it flitted away.  I'm sure there are other photos are better than mine, but here's a video (from about 60 feet?) and a couple of stills.

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