Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tickfaw on Sunday

I decided it had been too long since I'd been to Tickfaw State Park, and I was hoping I'd run into some warblers over there. Left the house around 7. It was a warm and humid day, but the bugs weren't too bad. Had about a 30 species day. Highlights were the Hooded Warblers, a group of about 15 wild turkeys, *seeing* a Barred Owl (usually I just hear them), a pair of Brown-headed Nuthatches, and a Black-and-White Warbler. The White-eyed Vireos were especially vocal, as were the Pileated Woodpeckers, and of course the Carolina Wrens. I didn't get down to the river -- should have as I might have picked up a wading bird or two. There was plenty of tree damage, but overall the park was in good shape.

Got a t-shirt that says "Life is Simple. Eat. Sleep. Bird"

Saw a funny sight as I was leaving the park. Two horse drawn wagons with a couple (man and woman) in each...but instead of a hard plank bench to sit upon, the wagons had each been outfitted with plush bucket seats. Very anachronistic.

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