Monday, September 11, 2006

Hummingbird and Butterfly festival - Folsom, LA

Folsom, LA is roughly north of New Orleans and was in the path of destruction from Katrina last year. Needless to say, the Butterfly and Hummingbird festival was cancelled last year, but rebounded with a bang this year. They reported over 1100 people attended the event, which is held at Mizell Farms nursery in Folsom. Featured was hummer banding by Linda Beall (she banded over 50 birds on this one day!), booths from Sierra Club, Native Plant societies, as well as Wildlife and Fisheries and others. There were several speakers, including Kathy Hutchinson, hum-bander from southern Illinois, Olga Clifton who specializes in hummer plants (esp winter hummers), and Margie Jenkins, native plant guru, and Dennis Demcheck, who has studied sugar contact of nectar plants to understand which ones hummers are attracted to. Dennis is also the host of the Mighty Calliope hummer that has graced his yard for 4 (or is it 5?) years in a row. Dennis featured a couple of the videos I'd made of local hummers for his presentation, which was a neat thing.

They also did a butterfly release, which I suppose would have been more spectacular on a sunny day when the butterflies would have been more inclined to fly. It was still fun, but they did have to help the insects out a little.

Butterfly release

Personally, I think the slight overcast helped make the colors pop...

What do you think?

and, because one can never get enough of the Mighty Calliope... Here he is again

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