Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More madness!

Dick Lancaster sent an email saying he had even more birds this week, if I wanted to come see and video them. Well, even though I'd spent all morning at Tickfaw, how could I resist. I mean, a cold front can come through at any time and they'll all be gone...

He was right -- even more birds! It was something to see. He said he had 50 feeders up and was going through about 50 pounds of sugar a week. That's a lot of work!

This video gives you an idea of what his patio looks like with all the feeders lined up like a row of strawberry plants

And this one concentrates on a single feeder. This feeder for some reason was especially popular. Where most feeders had 3 or 4 birds trying to use it, this one had 'em lined up on the heli-pad.

I love the shot of this little guy -- his little belly is fairly hanging over the edge of the post!

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