Monday, January 23, 2006

The Mighty Calliope

Had the pleasure of revisiting one of the hummer tour yards today to see if I could capture the Mighty Calliope on, well, digital media. (Doesn't really have the same ring as "captured on film" does it?). He was
*very* cooperative (for which his host takes complete credit :-) ). I got several minutes of him posing but here are the highlights:

Ready for my close-up

The action shots

I did get another shot of the Junior Calliope as well, but I'm not pleased with it. You can't really see the distinguishing characteristics of the bird, other than short bill and long wings--I need a different angle. Also got a great look at the Male Rufous that stays at the same house, but he did not cooperate for the camera. Another time for that one, too.

Also went over to LSU campus lake searching for the Yellow Warbler they've been warbling about on the LABIRD list. Found another birder on the same quest and together we found the bird. She was very hard to capture in the camouflage of the willows and from the distance (over 50 feet certainly from shore to the little swampy area she had staked out). But when an Orange-Crowned Warbler had the audacity to invade her space, she became very riled and I did get a few decent shots. The large version (26Mb) and the small version (5Mb)

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Barbara said...

had great diff seeing the Yelow Warbler--too much blending-in with her/his background--then when I found her, she moved!!