Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another new bird!

It's hard to watch birds when you work every day, ya know? I have been worried about my banded birds...afraid the trauma would scare them off. I spotted the Yellow-Spot bird right away -- she was at her familiar spot in the back yard. I didn't see the Red-spot bird for over a week though, and thought she'd run away. Today I was cleaning the feeders and saw them both together -- arguing over the spot the feeder was supposed to be in :-) But then, a little later, I saw another Rufous (or more accurately Selasphorus Rufus/Allen's since I don't know for sure it's Rufous) without a mark! That means I have at least three! And I have at least one Black-Chinned female that's visiting the feeder near the driveway. The interesting thing is that the Red-Spot had taken over the Yellow-Spot's feeder in the back for at least part of the day. And all 3 Rufous were sharing (well, not at the same time) the feeder on the patio.

I am participating in Cornell's Backyard Feeder Watch this year. It's been interesting because while I see a lot of the same birds every week, I think I've seen at least one new bird each week as well. This week was a small flock of cow-birds. Not too glamorous to be sure, but it adds to the list!

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docbrite said...

A New Orleans reader here. I followed your LAbird sig link and have just bookmarked you. Great blog!