Monday, January 16, 2006

hummer plants

I was fortunate on Saturday to take home cuttings of two all-star winter hummer plants, red Abutilon, and dark red shrimp plant. I have never really tried to start cuttings before, so we'll see if I have the fortitude for it. I found an article in a magazine this week about start cuttings with a forsythe pot so I started mine today.

I want to add more plants... I am seriously considering expanding further into the back yard. Ned doesn't really *like* cutting all that grass, right? So he'll appreciate it if I add some trees, shrubs, planting beds....right?? hmmm, I'll have to do some planning.

I've got the planting bug...didn't help that it was warm and spring-like today...

Had an exciting moment this afternoon! I was standing in the driveway when all of a sudden a Sharp-shinned hawk flew about 10 feet from me, landed on the neighbor's arbor, perused the bushes for sparrows, dropped down in the azalea trying to catch one!! but missed and finally flew off to a nearby tree. I wouldn't have minded if he took a house sparrow with him :-)

Still have 3 hummers -- Yellow-Spot Rufous, Red-spot Rufous, and one unmarked Unknown.

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