Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trees and Trails

Found a new trail to explore today.  And it's nearly in the heart of the city.  A nice green space...the only downside being its proximity to the interstate.  Burden research farm is an interesting place.  It is home to the Rural Life Museum, Windrush gardens and Barrett Arbortetum.  But a few years ago they also added nature trails.  The trails are particularly focused on tree interpretation.  But with 4 miles of trails throughout the property, there is plenty of area to explore.

The trails are gravel and pretty well marked.  The front areas areas have obviously been cleared of underbrush and most understory.  Several of the trees are marked with signage, which is kinda nice....I learned a few things.

Trail Map
The highlights of the morning were multiple male Painted Buntings singing.  There were Indigo Buntings singing, too.  They are certainly some of the last ones to be nesting in Baton Rouge.

Boardwalk to the Black Swamp

Near the front trails, understory cleared


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Karen Beach said...

Cool, thanks for the info! I will have to go check it out. I have been to Burden a number of times and I didn't know they had trails.