Monday, April 05, 2010

He's flown the coop!

The Ramah-Maringuoin Eagle chick has fledged! A friend (thanks, Carol!) sent me this link today to a photographer's photos on flickr. He apparently caught the chick in the act of taking his first flight!

Calling in the nest
Wings spread -- ready to go!
Up to a nearby branch!
And he's away! First flight!

How terrifically exciting -- how I wish I could have seen it! Good to know the chick's on his way. Bald Eagles take 4+ years to develop the white head and tail and become fully adult and are ready for a nest of their own. Best wishes to this chick, and here's hoping the Ramah-Maringuoin pair come back next year to this wonderful location and do it all over again!


Barbara said...

oh yes---exciting---wish I could have seen it all happen ---up close and personal too!

Simon Taylor said...

just found this blog through "Donald the Birders" site. Great images that you have put links up to for the Eagle. Great stuff.