Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nesting action!

Exciting stuff going on in Downtown Baton Rouge! A birder friend that works in the Chase building reports that a Red-Tailed Hawk (pair?) is making a nest in a large communications tower just east of the Chase. The nest is smack dab in the center of the top of the tower, in between large disks. From underneath, the nest looks like a pile of sticks on top of a screen platform. It's a very protected location. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult for us to watch any activity here. If the nest is successful we might be able to see fledglings as they are about to fly....

And on the Kestrel front...the female Kestrel is back! I've seen her two days in a row on top of the State National Life building. If you hark back to last year, you'll remember the Kestrels that nested in downtown Baton Rouge. It was actually the third year I saw them. They fledged at least one baby last year. Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture before they moved out for the summer... So, I'll be checking often to see if the male is around, and *really* hoping that I can find the nest the year. In fact, our Kids Who Bird club is going to make a point of locating the nest if we can!

Here's a link to a nestcam for a Red-Tailed Hawk nesting in downtown Philadelphia. She's laid two eggs so far and is incubating them. Not very exciting to watch at this point, but things should heat up soon!

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