Sunday, March 15, 2009

By golly there are birds on that nest!

I travel down Jones Creek Rd twice every week day to and from work. Behind the Presbyterian Church there is a large field and a small stand of woods, with a minimal tree line that separates the field from a subdivision on the other side along O'Neal Lane. In a Sweet Gum tree there is a hawk's nest. I think I found out about it last year, and checked it out last spring. I did actually see the female on the nest last year, but a couple of weeks later when I checked, she was gone, so I'm pretty sure they didn't fledge any young. This year, every day as I pass I glance at the tree to see if there's any action and I haven't seen any birds there. But the nest is so well maintained that today I decided to take a closer look.

So on my way home today from trying to video the Eagle's nest, I stopped. Much to my surprise, two birds were on the nest! The male left immediately and I didn't see him again. The female hunkered down and became virtually invisible without magnification. Fortunately I had some :-) She is hard to see in the pictures above (click on the picture to see them larger), but you can see her head, dark eye, and most of the top of her body if you look closely. Hopefully she is sitting on eggs and we'll see the nestlings soon!

Click here for a mediocre video of the hawk on the nest. Not too exciting at this point, but I'll be keeping a closer eye here on out!

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