Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weekend birdwalks

It was a pretty Saturday morning, and we had a good group for the birdwalk at Bluebonnet Swamp. Unfortunately there was no guide from BRAS and I kinda got elected leader. Knew we were in trouble then :-) Fortunately John the nature photographer was there to show us the newer trails. We started out in the clearing to the left and picked up a dozen or more birds just standing there. Then we headed for the other newer trail on the north side, but didn't see a whole lot. We did spot a Brown Creeper in the distance at one point. Also had a mystery bird that a bunch of us were trying to ID...turned out to be a White-Eyed Vireo that was singing its song, which we haven't heard in a while! Someone yesterday called it the "Redneck Vireo" because its song sounds like "Bring me a beer, chick!"

On Sunday morning I spent some time at Summit Lake. Saw my first-of-the-year Towhees. Sparrows are still hanging out (White-Throated and Swamp). Also saw at least two House Wrens. Not an outstanding day, but not bad either...

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