Saturday, March 25, 2006

I do have a Ruby Throat!

I do, I do, I DO have a Ruby-Throat! A handsome male with a full and shiny gorget has come to call. I saw him first on the driveway feeder--happened to notice a bird on the feeder Monday and thought the green was slightly different. Sure enough--he is much more emerald than the Rufous. Knowing how territorial they are, I was afraid he'd driven off the Rufous, so yesterday when I got home I staked out my patio feeder, waiting with the video camera. She showed up, right on cue, but the camera wouldn't focus with the weird setting sun light and she was gone before I could get a good pic. Waited some more, and who shows up at this feeder, but Mister Flashy RT! Got a great closeup of him. The resolution isn't quite as good as I'd like, what with shooting through the window in the odd light. But it's a great intro to the summer hummer season!

Click to see Mr. Flashy

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Barbara said...

Congratulations!! knew you'd find some hummers would come back--even if they'd never been to your yard before--hummer grapevine is going strong. Good shot--even thru the window.