Saturday, August 21, 2010

Late summer at South Farm

Sunrise over misty fields

Lorry spotted someone watching us

Beautiful early morning at South Farm

The night herons were still up too

Still too much water for shorebirds

Though we did see a few wading birds

Darn, we left our machetes at home!

Our Louisiana Heron (aka, Tri-colored Heron)

Water Hyacinth

Late summer is the time for Golden Silk spiders

Bill and Lorry were treated to a whole family of Purple Gallinules -- this is mom

Button Bush

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Teresa said...

Hi Jane! It's Teresa from DHH. I was being nosy on fb and found your site. Just wanted to drop in and say that your photography on this site is incredible! I just got a DSLR (my first "real camera") and am still learning how to take good shots. I've also tried to take pics of birds, but never with much (or any) success. I'm either too far away or I scare them away. =( Hopefully, I'll get better with practice.'s always interesting to see what other talents your coworkers have!