Monday, May 31, 2010

Swamp Song

Black Lake, near Campti, Louisiana on a quiet Sunday morning
(as always, click on each picture to see a larger version)

Northern Parula
This beautiful warbler nests in Spanish Moss
Some kind of huge swamp spider. I couldn't tell until I saw this picture on the computer that it was eating a dragonfly or damselfly. The beast was at least 3 inches from stem to stern. Arachnophobic's nightmare.
It was so creepy and intriguing that I had to enlarge it so you could see more detail. Note the bristles on its legs and the multiple eyes. I wish I'd had the nerve to get even closer but I was afraid it'd jump on me.
Beautiful and serene

Yellow-pop sings its little heart out!

The cold winter killed many of the invasives in Black Lake. In years past, this area was thick with water hyacinth and others.
Little Blue Heron stakes out breakfast
A bromeliad? Well...kinda...this is the miniscule flower (less than half inch across) of the Spanish Moss!
Dragonfly pauses and reflects
Under the boat shed
Interesting perspective...from the dock to the house

This fox squirrel dropped in about 6 feet from where I was sitting quietly to investigate. He was none to happy with the intrusion.


Barbara said...

Wish I'd been on that quiet boat trip with you---where'd you get a boat---didn't know B & M had one?? beautiful shots/pics,Jane---

Jann said...

Love seeing your photo of the N parula, and the yellow-pop and heron as well, nice! Squirrels are so funny...they sound like a bird chirping when they're scolding human intruders. :o) It takes me awhile sometimes to realize, hey that one 'bird' isn't a bird...I didn't realize that spanish moss has a flower, awesome!