Sunday, March 21, 2010

There's red, and then there's RED!

The male Northern Cardinal is an great example of a red bird...there's no doubt. In the spring, in fresh breeding plumage, they seem to perch themselves to reflect the sun and they're quite a sight.

But if you want a *really* red bird...a bird that seems to glow with a fire from within...find a Vermilion Flycatcher! He's not a large bird, but the color makes him pop! This bird is a rare visitor to southeastern Louisiana, so this bird in Braithwaite (across the river from New Orleans) was a treat. He was very cooperative and I wish I'd gotten even closer for a better picture, although quite frankly, it's hard to do him justice.

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Anonymous said...

always agree with you---but up here in WNC, we see the Cardinal, standing out against the snow!