Tuesday, January 19, 2010

But there's more here than Whooping Cranes...

A few other scenes from the Whooping Crane tour.

A view of the Rockport Marina
The Fulton Mansion on the waterfront The drunken Peregrine. (Captain Tommy's nickname for her -- not mine. He said she looked like she was leaning up against the nesting platform for support after a hard night on the town :-))
Forster Tern. What did the birds rest on before we added flotsam and jetsam?
At one point we picked up a small group of Bottle-nosed dolphins who wanted to get their pictures taken and frolicked in the wake, hamming it up.
These Oyster-catchers didn't have to work too hard to get oysters. They were standing on a big ol' pile of 'em.
A study in Cormorants. With a Ring-Billed Gull thrown in for good measure and size comparison. The Double-crested are the larger, bulkier Cormorants -- the Neotropic the smaller and more delicate.
We spied a coyote on one of the outer islands. He was not particularly happy for the attention.One Dunlin, Two Dunlin, Three Dunlin, Four.
You get the idea. No those are not insects. Those're ducks. Thousands of 'em, in the distance.

Crab fisherman are having to work hard for a living....like the cranes, they're finding the blue crabs very hard to come by this year... Peaceful, early morning marina

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