Monday, January 19, 2009

The elusive Vermilion Flycatcher and a Bald Eagle nest!

Spent a few hours at Sherburne South Farm today, trying to capture the Vermilion Flycatcher on video. I did actually see the male Vermilion Flycatcher...for about 13 seconds...and then I looked away to get my camera out and he took a hike. I circled that entire pond, including walking the length of the boardwalk, and never did relocate him. His lady, however (and it may be presumptuous to assume they're a couple) was much more cooperative and I did get some video of her.

To see her, go to --- look for FemVermFlycatchJan09.wmv

Other than that, the highlight of the day was the sighting of a Bald Eagle nest near the entrance to South Farm. It's probably a quarter mile from the road, so scoping is necessary. I observed one of the Eagles bringing food in as I was entering the property in the morning, and then again as I was leaving in the afternoon. I could see the head of the partner on the nest, but it appears to be a deep nest, so it will be difficult to see nestlings or fledglings (if they are fortunate to have any). Still -- quite a thrill!

For the eagles, go to -- look for SFEagleNest_011909.wmv

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