Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jefferson Island Rookery

People know the famous Lake Martin rookery.... an area just outside of Breaux Bridge in south central Louisiana that supports thousands of nesting wading birds. It was a nature photographer's wonder world. The nests were within just a few yards from the road. The rookery mysteriously failed in 2005 and hundreds of nests were abandoned. The rookery has recovered a bit over the past couple of years but the birds have moved deeper into the lake, so they're not as easy to see and photograph.

Just south of Lake Martin there is another rookery. It's located near Jefferson Island plantation on Rip Van Winkle road near Delcambre (put that into your googler to find it). I visited it last year and it was allright...but this year was awesome! There were hundreds of birds...all the waders. I visited it twice during the season to see the birds at different stages. First time I saw White Ibis on the nest! Very very cool. Also has alligators, so once does have to watch their step...

Click here to see a panorama of the main islands of Jefferson Island rookery

And if you don't have a weak stomach, click here to see a gator having lunch

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